Device Description

ShineMed Curved Intraluminal Cutting Staplers place a circular, double staggered row of titanium staples and resect the excess tissue, creating a circular anastomosis. They are indicated for use in the creation of anastomoses in various surgical procedures in both open and laparoscopic surgeries. The stapler is offered in 25mm (white), 28mm (blue), and 31mm (green) diameters and with 4.8mm staple size.

Device Aplication

ShineMed Curved Intraluminal Cutting Staplers have applications throughout the alimentary tract for the creation of end-to-end, end-to-side and side-to-side circular anastomoses in both open and laparoscopic surgeries, including bariatric surgery.

Features and Benefits

Stable Anastomosis

The integrity of the staple line, which depends on adequate tissue
compression, is the primary factor in creating a stable anastomosis. Our CICS
series addresses the issue of tissue compression, staple line strength and
reliable tissue repair to provide solutions that are designed to improve patient
safety. 4.8mm staple length size accommodates a wide range of compressed
tissue thickness.

1. Intelligent Safety Release Lever

To prevent misfiring during usage. The Safety Release can ONLY be released
when the Indicator Window shows the stapler is safe to fire.

2. Ergonomic Handle and Rotating Knob with Handgrip

For increased comfort and control

3. Firing Zone Indicator Window

To indicate whether the stapler is safe to fire. This window indicates the safety
zone for the amount of compression to targeted tissue in order to reliably
deliver an optimal staple line with proper staple formation depending on the
clinical situation

4. Audible Coupling Feedback

Audible feedback indicating complete coupling of the anvil to the trocar

5. Audible Cutting Feedback

Audible sound and tactile feedback indicating the firing sequence is complete.

6. Low Profile Tiltable Anvil

Tilt anvil to help remove device after firing.

CICS Product Specifications

Head Ф 25 mm
Head Ф 28 mm
Head Ф 31 mm

Download here the Brochure and the Data Sheet.