Device Description

The ShineMed Reloadable Open Cutting Staplers (ROCS) place two, double-staggered rows of titanium staples and simultaneously divides the tissues between the two double rows. Different staple’s heights are available for each stapler size. The Reloadable Open Cutting Stapler and Single Use Loading Unit (cartridges) are offered in 60mm, 80mm, and 100mm lengths and with 3.8mm and 4.8mm staple size.

The size of the staple is determined by the selection of the appropriate Single Use Loading Unit that is available in 60mm, 80mm, and 100mm lengths:

  • 3.8mm staple size Single Use Loading Unit, blue cartridge (60mm, 80mm, and 100mm lengths)
  • 4.8mm staple size Single Use Loading Unit, green cartridge (60mm, 80mm, and 100mm lengths)

All ShineMed Reloadable Open Cutting Stapler are packaged with a Single Use Loading Unit (cartridge). ShineMed ROCS may be reloaded up to 7 times for a total of 8 firings per stapler.

Device Aplication

ShineMed Reloadable Open Cutting Staplers (ROCS) have applications in abdominal, gynecological, pediatric and thoracic surgical procedures for resection, transection and creation of anastomosis.

Features and Benefits

Stable Anastomosis

The integrity of the staple line, which depends on adequate tissue
compression, is the primary factor in creating a stable anastomosis. Our ROCS
series addresses the issue of tissue compression, staple line strength and
reliable tissue repair to provide solutions that are designed to improve patient
safety. Different cartridges sizes are offered for a variety of tissue thicknesses.

1. Ergonomic Handle with Handgrip

For increased control and comfort.

2. Finger Guards

To prevent surgeon’s hand approaching
to the anvil and cartridge during usage.

3. Locking Lever Handle- Cartridge

To securely clamp the stapler, hold the tissue during usage, and ensure the
amount of compression to targeted tissue to reliably deliver an optimal staple
line with proper staple formation.

4. Quick Release Button

To unclamp the stapler and remove the anvil fork.

5. Dual Side Firing Knob

Stapler can be fired from either side for more convenient operation

6. Cartridge with Safety Lockout

The safety lockout will lift up after opening a fired stapler, to prevent reloading
a fired cartridge

7. New Blade with Each SULU (Cartridge)

New Knife blade to ensure a clean and safer cutting performance

ROCS Product Specifications

SULU Product Specifications

Staple height size 3.8 mm
Staple height size 4.8 mm

Download here the Brochure and the Data Sheet.